Escape the Heat with Swimming Pool Repair in Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is notorious for its extreme summer temperatures. And little wonder-this desert city boasts an average of 134 days of 90° and 74 days of 100°.

So, to beat the heat, you fill your fridge with ice cream, run your AC as much as possible, and give your windows a dark, sun-defying tint.

However, these precautions might not help you stay as comfortable as you'd like. You'll need your pool if you truly want to escape the heat. But if your swimming pool filter breaks or something goes wrong with the pump, you can't go for that cooling afternoon dip.

Don't worry-help is on the way. Call Guaranteed Pool Service when you need high quality swimming pool service in Las Vegas, Nevada. We'll make sure you get back to your daily swim!

Trust Us for Multiple Pool Repairs

At Guaranteed Pool, it's our goal to give you the best customer service possible. We believe in giving you our honest assessment, and this approach helps us develop long-term relationships with each of our customers. Let us show you what decades of customer service and superior repairs can do for you.

Keep in mind that we do not re-plaster floors or do cement work. We do, however, provide weekly services to ensure all of the above functions properly. And as long as your pool operates as it should, you'll always have a cool retreat to escape the boiling daytime temperatures.

Learn More About Our Services

To enjoy the benefit of our fair and honest repairs, choose Guaranteed Pool Service. We maintain your pool so you never have to worry about water samples or chemical purchases.

Call us at 702-458-5703 for prompt swimming pool service in Las Vegas, Nevada today.